Go from Ordinary to Extraordinary

It takes a lot to get a strong start in life.  Wisdom In Minutes strives to assist parents, students, and emerging adults in laying a foundation for a positive and productive adulthood.  Through workshops and individual sessions, Wisdom In Minutes works to clarify goals, uncover options and establish frameworks for personally identified success.  Our practice includes the areas of College Admission Counseling; Parenting; and Life Skills for Middle School, High School, and College Students.

Take action!  Go from ordinary to extraordinary with Wisdom In Minutes!

COLLEGE ApplicatioN CONSultinG

There are many components to the college application.  Getting ready for college is best approached as an element to be worked in throughout the activity of high school. The college application process is ever changing and can easily take more than 18 months.  Counseling can help in high school course selection, college selection, major selection, and generating successful applications.  Wisdom In Minutes works not only to prepare successful college applications, but also to position students for college success.

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Children come without instruction manuals.  Most of us learn by doing, or rely on our memories from childhood.  The problem here is that being the parent in the family is as different from being the child as being the driver in a car is from being a passenger.  While most parenting classes focus on “issues and problems” Wisdom In Minutes works toward creating long term parenting goals and a process to reach them. 

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There is a lot of information needed in adult life that is not taught in school.  Wisdom In Minutes helps young people to think about and prepare to for a positive, productive and satisfying life.  From writing a first resume to allocating a first paycheck, Wisdom In Minutes life skills workshops help participants move from ordinary to extraordinary.

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