Wisdom Acceleration Workshops

This series of workshops is designed to get youth and emerging adults thinking in diverse ways about their options; to focus their dreams, plan a path, work toward goals and achieve success.  Using the principles and skills covered in this material, participants learn what they can personally do to move from ordinary to extraordinary! 


Every great invention began as an idea!  In this session we discuss the power of imagination and persistence, and ask participants to envision their future and possible careers.

Goal:  To link current interests to the development of career goals


Beautiful Dreams

Primarily for girls, this workshop explores female images in the media and asks participants to use real women as their guides and models for success.  Participants are asked to envision their future, and celebrate their strengths.

Goal:  To enhance self-image and encourage positive goals.


Basic Resume Writing:  Know yourself, Show yourself (to your best advantage)

Resumes are snapshots.  This session asks participants to think of what experiences they have and how they want to be seen by potential schools and employers. 

Goal:  Basic knowledge of resume and resume content development


Communications:  Talk your way in

Craft your message and deliver it well.  We look at the basic communication model and practice answering two key interview questions.

Goal: To see themselves through the eyes of the recruiter and tailor their presentation to highlight their strengths.


Mind Shift – Stepping up to life on your own

Part 1:  Managing yourself and your resources

Stepping into independence requires a change in how you think, and how you handle your resources.  This workshop gives participants an opportunity to look ahead and use a different framework for evaluating options and deciding on actions.

Goal: To identify and prioritize the wants of the inner child vs. adult responsibilities in order to become successful at independent living

Part 2:  Relating to others at home, work, and play

Change is coming.  How you relate to your parents, school friends, co-workers, and others will change dramatically between high school, college, and beyond.  In this session we talk about what it takes to live in a truly diverse environment.

Goal: To better understand the perspectives of other people and develop the skills to evaluate a relationship in terms of its positive or negative impact on progress toward life goals.





The college application process requires a specific kind of writing – the personal essay.  In this session participants review several successful essays and begin the process of developing their own skills through several exercises.   

Goal:  Introduction to and ideas for the college application essay



High school is the foundation for your big plans.  This session asks participants to think of what they want out of high school and how they want to be seen when they apply to college.   (Includes basic resume writing.)

Goal:  Basic plan for high school courses and activities



Formulated to help Girl Scouts execute the service project that is central to earning the Gold Award,  this workshop helps participants put large projects into perspective and identify stages and segments so that big goals become achievable.

Goal:  To make keystone projects approachable and develop a basic plan for action



How much money is enough?  In this session we choose a job, an apartment, a car, and a vacation then try to fit the numbers together.  In the effort, participants learn to create basic budgets and balance a checking account.

Goal: Using numbers we learn to deal with the economic realities of living independently and develop strategies for balancing needs and wants in order to achieve financial prosperity. 



So much to do, so little time. This session looks at how to prioritize tasks and organize days in such a way as to reach the big goals.

Goal: Increase ability to analyze tasks and activities and to clarify the thinking needed in order to achieve long and short term goals



School is not enough! Participants are led through an examination of school performance data, and are given strategies for self- determined learning.

Goal: To understand the impact of education and develop a sense of personal responsibility for achieving educational goals