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Tonda Taylor Bean, MBA, MSOD


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Why Wisdom In Minutes exists

When my Girl Scout Troop was in High School, I started bringing in speakers to keep them coming to meetings.  Ms. Jones (or Smith, or Brown)  would come in and say “Be sure to do A, B, and C, before D.”   And my scouts would pay intense attention, nod, and take notes.  This happened time after time.  So I began pulling different scouts aside and asking “haven’t you heard that before”?  “Didn’t your mother tell you that?”  And time after time I got the response, “Yes, but it was different the way Ms. Jones said it.”

I realized that as parents, we give our children pearls of wisdom, but they get mixed in with the everyday pebbles and gravel of life.  We also have to say “Do your homework”  “Pick up your stuff” and “No, I am not buying you a _______”.   Ms. Jones delivers pure messages, uncluttered, fashioned with care, and clearly designed to benefit the listeners.  Often, these messages are part of the collection of knowledge needed to take on life as an adult, but not included in school.  The experiences were highly informative and impactful for both students and parents.   So, when the last child in my troop graduated High School, I pursued specialized training, and began my company, Wisdom In Minutes LLC, so that I could become “Ms. Jones” and offer pearls of wisdom to the next generation and their parents.


What Tonda Taylor Bean brings to the table

Our CEO and founder has served on the board of the Parent Encouragement Program (PEP) and has led youth as a Girl Scout Leader and in a church based college readiness program.  She holds Masters degrees in Business Administration and Organization Development and has received training in youth development, parenting, and college admission counseling.  But most of all she is a mother and has coached and coaxed her children through public school K-12 and into two of the most prestigious Universities in the United States (New York University and Harvard University).  Working with her children and with youth in the community has given her a wealth of grass roots experience as well as a unique, goal oriented approach to supporting youth in the development of skills beyond academics.