Strategic Parenting: Taking Children from Ordinary to Extraordinary

Parties, careers, vacations, and shopping trips are often carefully planned.  As parents we need to plan the development and education that will carry our children into self-sufficient,  positive, productive adulthood. These workshops provide the parenting philosophy, strategies, and techniques used to guide the. Bean children through public school (K-12) and into two of the most prestigious colleges in the United States (Harvard and New York University).


Strategic Parenting Overview

Based on youth development research merged with business tools and parenting knowledge, this seminar leaves parents with a proven, big picture, goal oriented parenting system for the 20+ year process of supporting children into adulthood.

Goal:  To give parents an understanding of the overall process of pro-active parenting.  

Strategic Parenting: Success in Stages

As children develop and change, milestones change, and the most effective approach to parenting also changes.   This workshop addresses different parenting approaches as well as when and how to use them.

Goal:  To give parents an adaptable framework for pro-active parenting.       

Strategic Parenting Special Topics

Working within the Strategic Parenting Framework, we discuss issues of special interest and importance including:  Education & Schooling- a Broad View; Praise vs.Encouragement; The Role of Scouting and other extracurricular activities; Creating Sibling Harmony

Goal:  To show participants how to apply the strategic parenting method to common parenting challenges